Laulaminen on niin ihanaa. Se vaan on. Vapauttavaa.

The Raven

Forests wrecked and cut
Flies the raven in the sky
He's got no home, no lonely hut
He's forced to fly and fly

Shut your eyes don't kill your dreams
Fly trough the clouds above
Nothing is no longer what it seems
Turn all your anger to love
No more... fly down raven to your friend,
Leave destruction far behind
Fly and run until the end,
And finally ease your mind
Fly away like the raven!

A lonely wolf was chased down there
By people scared and poor
He's like you, he cannot share his life

He was running free across the plains
But now he's doomed to die
We're coming back you can be sure
It's all just one big lie

kertosäe (3x)

Tuo lauletaan niin, että kertosäkeestä lauletaan "to love" kohtaan ja siirrytään "a lonely wolfiin" ja sitten loput kertiksestä... Vaikea selittää. Kuunnelkaa! Ihana!
Niin kuin nää kaikki.... <3 Kukaan ei varmaan arvaa keiden biisi on kyseessä.... :D <3