Come Down

And here I stare,
my confidence just left me there
I try so hard the things I never learned to bare
I close my eyes, I can´t believe
You try to share your hands with me
your hands on mine I feel it

And when you come
Like you never came before
When you come right trough that door
I won´t deny it anymore
That you´re the only one for sure

When you come down once again
I will be your only man
When you come down baby
Feel it, can you feel it

When you come down
Baby when you come down
You´re gonna bring the sun down
Baby when you come right down on me

Your breath so near
The sound on faith right in my ear
I won´t forget the sort of fear I´ll never fear
and still I do what I´m supposed to do
I do it right, I do what you expect me to

I sweat so cold, I never tought I´d get to hold
You close enough to see what I´ve been
dreaming of
For years and years and years
I never, ever want to go back there
I wanna stay right here

And here I stare,
my confidence just left me there
I try so hard the things I never learned to bare
And now, confes, don´t justify your eagerness
I´m yours and lost
inside your arms inside your soul
Come pure come clean,
as beautiful as never seen
I lose myself
but never lose what lies between


It Has To Happen

Take this spirit in your arms
Keep this feeling safe from harm
And throw your fears away
Share your inocence with me
Let your beauty shine on me
Whatever this may bring
Surrender everything

I was meant to be with you
I´ve been wandering around in tears
For all these years
I´ve seen it happen in my dreams

A vision lovely as can be
You and I were walking tenderly
Then I knew it woud come true

Noone knows why it should be
That this love calls you and me
Somethings are hard to see
Maybe it´s just destiny
Though you don´t believe all this
I won´t give up till I know that you will
It has to happen


Luxury Life

The silver moon is shining bright
On the faces of the bautiful
Celebrating on the beach
Shallow faces, empty smiles
And diamonds glisten out of reach

Buona sera, luxury on the Riviera
A small boy watches standing proud and free
Buona sera, life on the Riviera
A poor boy looks beyond
the crowd and out to sea

He wanders back along the streets
laughing with the friends he meets
And feeling warm inside
Though his riches are unseen
He holds on to his dream
Sure of where his meaning lies


Näitä biisejä kuunnellessa on kiusattu monta päivää ja yötä, etenkin yötä, entisiä ja nykyisiä, varsinkin entisiä, naapureita. <3 Rakastan.

Ensimmäinen on kaunis ja samalla niin seksiä tihkuva. Ei ehkä pelkkinä sanoina, mutta jos olette kuulleet kappaleen, luulen että ymmärrätte ;)

Toinen on kappale, joka minun puolestani saisi mahdollisissa häissäni toimittaa häävalssin toimen. Niin uskomattoman kaunis ja herkkä. Tätä kuunnellen on haaveiltu monet yöt sängyllä pimeässä kun asuin kotona. Pahimpana faniaikana tietysti Ilkka itse lauloi tätä juuri minulle :D

Kolmas on kaunis ja siinä on ihanat sanat ja melodia. Rakastan Ilkan ääntämystä.

Kaikki kappaleet Mood -levyltä sisältävät niin paljon muistoja. <3

Levy menossa nyt neljättä kertaa ympäri, arvatkaa mahtavatko naapurit tykätä? ;D